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What is Public Interest Technology?

Even though there are several definitions, there is an agreement that Public Interest Technology serves the public good. According to New America, “PIT adopts best practices in human-centered design, process re-engineering, and data science to solve public problems in an inclusive, iterative manner—continuously learning, improving, and aiming to deliver better outcomes to the public”. For PIT to thrive, Ford Foundation believes the field needs the talent and dedication of people across sectors.


In the book Power to the Public, the Promise of Public Interest Technology the authors believe PIT provides a new framework to solve today's most pressing challenges, and describe a set of elements that are key to the PIT field: designing people-centered policies and programs, using data to inform decision making, and delivering impact through small scalable pilots.


For us at the PIT Policy Lab, Public Interest Technologists are part of a diverse community channeling their domain expertise into public interest activities, harnessing digital technologies as tools for change.

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Our Services

Practical Research & Roadmaps

Practial Research & Roadmaps

We conduct interdisciplinary research and systemic analysis to answer  research questions. We generate informed roadmaps and develop public policy recommendations and strategies to influence multi-stakeholder innovation efforts in Latin America. We contribute to the development of regulatory frameworks for the responsible use of technology.


Check out our publications and an example of this service in the Local Anticorruption Open Data Index Project below. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Proofs of Concept

We incorporate the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles in our services. We design strategies, accompany product development, and build capacities to leave no one behind in an ethical, responsible, and human-centered use of technology. 

We design and conduct collaborative and inclusive pilot experiments to assess the feasibility of translating ideas into successful projects and interventions, and to scale them. 

One great example of this service is our project Equitable AI: Preventing and Mitigating Gender Bias in AI-based Early Alert Systems in Education.  Watch our presentation of the Mainstreaming Gender Perspective in AI crowd work in the Global South below. 

PIT 101

PIT 101: Education & life-long learning

We generate customized educational products to build capacities, develop skills, and generate competencies on technology policy and trends. We influence learning environments to reduce gaps and allow the full inclusion of people into the digital world.


Check out our PIT 101 syllabus, a course designed for public officials in the digital age and our project REDi Turismo Innova to learn more about this service.

Events and Policy Trips

Tech Policy Trips

We craft impactful events and policy trips to advance the PIT agenda in the region. We develop these experiences in close collaboration with key allies, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach.

During 2023, PIT Policy Lab played a key role in the logistical facilitation and strategic support of Halcyon's Residential Fellowship in Mexico City.


Climate Tech Fellowship Halcyon 2023

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