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Our Story

Out of the complexity of the COVID pandemic, the urge for a transformation and transition to a digital society became a top priority, as did the need for decision makers, policy practitioners, and politicians to deepen their understanding of digital technologies as enablers for economic recovery, and as a tool to respond to shared social challenges.


In line with this new reality, the PIT Policy Lab was born in 2020 as C Minds’ first independent spin out and as a key founding partner in change. Working in the field of Public Interest Technology towards advancing agile policymaking, the PIT Policy Lab builds on top of sound foundations created through years of multiple stakeholder engagement to craft solutions to complex challenges.

C Minds founding team


Technology and public innovation practitioners. A multidisciplinary team that envisions possibilities and narrows them down to practical solutions.


Cristina Martínez Pinto

CEO & Founder

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Cris is in charge of the organization's strategic direction, high-level institutional relations, partnerships management, and landing of projects and initiatives. Moreover, she is our main representative at events and conferences.


Luz Elena González

Projects and Comms Lead

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Luces, seeks out new opportunities to amplify our brand and works to advance our collaborations. She grounds our work in research and analysis, ensures the effective implementation of our timelines, and promotes the Public Interest Technology movement in different forums.

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Catalina del Cueto


Catalina is involved in developing resources, research, reports, and other key inputs for the organization's projects.

Lucia Tróchez_4.jpg

Lucía Tróchez Ardila

General Manager

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Lucía oversees the organization's daily operations. She is the senior leader of the operative area and is in charge of the organizational culture of the company. She also leads the team throughout policy design and implementation of projects.


Mariana Lazos

Projects and Ops Lead

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Mariana is responsible for leading projects ranging from tourism to open data and is in constant communication and coordination with the PIT team and ally organizations. In addition, she is behind operative tasks and processes that are important for the organization's performance.


Iván Ortiz


Iván actively participates in the development and implementation of projects and provides support in the Comms area.


Constanza Gómez Mont

Founding Senior Advisor

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Cons has supported the PIT Policy Lab since its inception as C Minds' first spin-out from the AI for Good Policy Lab, as a founding senior advisor. 


Alejandra Glía Sánchez

Projects Lead

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Alejandra coordinates day-to-day activities to ensure that project objectives are met within the agreed deadlines. She participates in different phases of our projects, which involves a wide range of tasks.


Hipólito Vilchis


Hipólito works researching, designing, and planning in the framework of our anticorruption initiatives.


PIT Policy Lab's work leans in a PIT Consultants network that is currently integrated by 23 technology and public innovation practitioners. Together, we envision possibilities and narrow them down to practical solutions.


Edgar Aparicio

Senior Economist

Edgar has managed some of our main projects, such as LIFT León, FARO: Revolution of Innovation and Equitable AI.


He is our Senior Consultant in sustainable economic development.


Mariana Villasuso

Financial Inclusion and 2030 Agenda

Mariana specializes in the 2030 Agenda and financial inclusion. We have codesigned collaboration proposals in these agendas. She participated as a speaker in REDi Turismo Innova.

2101 Mauricio Bastien.jpeg

Mauricio Bastien

Citizen Security

Mauricio has a great ability to create relations and develop projects based on his wide knowledge of citizen security and justice.


Elina Castillo

Human Rights & Digital Activism

Elina is an expert on Human Rights, activism, and technology. She is our consultant on those topics and has given workshops in different forums.


Regina Bortoni Breña


Regina assesses projects to make them inclusive through agile methodologies and activities. She was part of the Study of lessons learned and results of the pilot training program for people with disabilities "Por Mi Talento".

Saiph Savage.jpeg

Dr. Saiph Savage

Civic Technology + R&D

Saiph is an expert in data science and artificial intelligence specializing in civic tech. We have worked closely in the technical development of projects such as Day 1 Project, Gender Parity on Candidate Lists and Digital Political Violence in Mexico, and Feminist AI.


Alberto Rodriguez

Public Innovation and Technology

Alberto specializes in Public Interest Technology and Public Innovation. He has designed and facilitated workshops and lectures and participated as a speaker in PIT 101 and the Digital & Tech Evangelisation for GovTech Seminars.


Andrea Barenque

Data Intelligence

Andrea is our data intelligence specialist. She assesses and is involved in the organization's data agenda. She actively participates in the Local Anti-corruption Open Data Index project.


Gisse Peralta

Learning Engineering

Gisse is a key ally when it comes to organizational culture and learning experiences. She was a mentor at the REDi Turismo Innova program.

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Juan Pablo Zorrilla

Data Science and Policy Evaluation

Juan Pablo specializes in data science and writes in his Science, Technology and Economy, Finances and Public Policy Innovation. He has participated as a speaker in PIT 101.


Tatiana Telles

Gender and Tech

Tatiana assesses gender and tech projects. Her insights have been fundamental for REDi Turismo Innova, Feminist AI, and Equitable AI.


Edgar Valdés

Complex Systems

Edgar studies Complex Systems. We have codesigned project proposals on gender and automatized decision systems in the finance sector.

Jorge 5 copy.jpg

Jorge Martín del Campo

Healthcare & Public Health Technology

Jorge specializes in data science and the health sector.

Mex_Bortoni_Brena_Alejandra (2).jpg

Alejandra Bortoni Breña

Inclusive Design

Alejandra specializes in inclusive design. She was a speaker at PIT 101.

Fotografía_Miguel Curiel_edited.jpg

Miguel Curiel

Psychosocial Research

Miguel specializes in psychology and technology. He has been an invited speaker in PIT 101.

Maia Levy Daniel - Photo.jpeg

Maia Levy Daniel

Tech Policy & Regulation

Maia specializes in the development of policy and regulatory frameworks on emerging technologies.


Arturo Constantini

Smart Tourism

Arturo, a tourism, data, and technology specialist, has contributed with his expertise to our smart destinations projects.


Evelyn Loredo

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Evelyn is working to advance the mainstreaming of DEI principles. She was a speaker at REDi Turismo Innova.


Cesar Contreras

IT and Telecommunications

Cesar specializes in technology public policy, and Information Technologies and Telecommunications.


Carlos Vargas Alvarez

E-Gov and GovTech

Carlos has been an instrumental partner in our work with the State of Guanajuato.

zaira_perez (1).jpeg

Zaira Pérez

Strategic Design and Services Design

Zaira specializes in Strategic and Services Design. She was a mentor at REDi Turismo Innova.


Adolfo Arreola

National Security and Cybersecurity

Adolfo has significant professional experience in the cybersecurity and national security fields.

Profile pic.png

Eva Hernández

History of Science

Eva works to advance the understanding of the History of Science.

Enrique Siqueiros Fernández (1) (1).jpg

Enrique Siqueiros

Technology Ethics

Enrique specializes in AI and professional ethics.


Nora Carrillo

Art, Culture, and Fair Trade

Nora specializes in creativity and innovation.


Aldo Iván Ramírez

Responsible AI

Aldo studies symbolic AI, logic, and formal philosophy.


Antonio Ballesteros

Sociotechnical Infrastructures

Antonio is specialized in the intersection between data, sustainability, and global governance.

Collaborate with us

At PIT Policy Lab we are excited to collaborate with professionals who are passionate about Public Interest Technology. We are an open and inclusive community of practice, so we hope to generate positive synergies with whom we collaborate, while advancing in the achievement of common objectives, always guided by shared values. Contact us to become part of our network of consultants.

At the same time, we are thrilled to be a part of your professional path. We aim to be a space were you can apply your knowledge and generate solutions to real-world problems in a self-managed and creative way. Learn more about our internship opportunities.

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