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Mainstreaming Gender Perspective in AI crowd work in the Global South

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Our article “Mainstreaming Gender Perspective in AI crowd work in the Global South” developed with UNAM's Civic Innovation Lab and PuenTech Lab was selected by <A+ Alliance> as part of the second cohort of scalable feminist research. We leveraged gender perspective methodologies and public policy analysis to design smart tools to empower the workforce that underpins the growth of AI. To do so, the team analyzed the current state of AI-related collaborative work in the Latin American and Caribbean region, and detected design implications and policy recommendations based on international best practices and use cases. 

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La Independiente will be developing a pilot  of an AI-powered social connection and recommendation system. It will be specifically designed to help collective platform workers build a supportive community and develop their technical and social skills. The second component of socialization will bring policy and decision makers, academics and other stakeholders of the crowd-work space in a forum to socialize feminist policy perspectives. 

About the project

Gender Perspective in AI crowd work

Gender Perspective in AI crowd work

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