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Digital & Tech Evangelisation for GovTech

Training programme and adoption of best practices and strategies in digitization, new technologies, GovTech, and cybersecurity that seeks to highlight the experiences and standards of the United Kingdom. Co-organized by PIT Policy Lab and the British Embassy in Mexico and aimed at municipal governments.

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About the program

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Impact on SDGs


Digital Transformation: Data and Emerging Technologies - An Introduction for Municipal Governments

This Guide addresses the key elements to consider when investing in technology and data. It provides insights into best practices and strategies for effective digital transformation in municipal governments.

Available in Spanish here.

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Digital Repository

One of the objectives of the program is to bring tools and resources to municipal governments in Mexico for the design, implementation and creation of projects and initiatives in areas such as GovTech, Digital Transformation, Data Use, among others.

Day 1

  • Initial concepts of digitization / Alberto Rodríguez (New America)

  • Data as a key tool for municipal development / Andrea Barenque (Datamorfosis) and Heidi Uchiyama (Public Digital) 

Day 2

  • Introduction and strategic management of new technologies. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain / Salma Jalife (Centro México Digital).

  • Regulation and governance for new technologies and Responsible Use of Technology / Carina Prunkl (University of Oxford).

Day 3

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity / Carlos Hernández (International cybersecurity consultant).

  • Introduction to GovTech / Enrique Zapata (GovTech expert).

  • Education, skills and learning / Lucía Tróchez (PIT Policy Lab).

Date: March 13 to 15, 2023

Recordings (in Spanish)


Presentations (in Spanish)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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