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Equitable AI

Together with an international consortium, we work to achieve a more equitable Artificial Intelligence in alliance with the Guanajuato Secretary of Education. Being selected in the USAID and DAI Equitable AI challenge, this project seeks to prevent and mitigate gender bias in Early Warning Systems for school dropouts. Its objectives include building capacity, exploring the potential of AI Fairness 360 to identify and mitigate bias, as well as developing a Guide and Checklist for the ethical and responsible use of AI in the education sector.

This initiative was added to the Case Study Library by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), an initiative by the OECD.

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Impact on SDGs



Artificial Inteligence Ethics Guide

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Guide presents a broad overview of what AI is, the ethical concerns it creates, and how they can be addressed at national, sub-national, and municipal levels. To illustrate ethics concerns, the guide presents several case studies and provocative questions that allow decision-makers to reflect on the responsible use of AI in government systems. 

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