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Local Anti-corruption Open Data Index 
Stage 1 - Prototype Index

First iteration of the Index. The methodology was developed based on a literature review of international indexes and best practices when publishing open data. Seven states were selected​ to be part of the prototype.​

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Index report

Methodogical note and main findings.

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The Index was built based on the 30 “Priority Datasets” outlined in the Open Up Guide of the Open Data Charter, adopted by the Executive Secretary of the Nacional Anti-corruption System. Some datasets were added to give more specificity to the Priority Datasets and to capture new areas (such as the area of procurement and elections data).

Each dataset was assigned to:

  • A stage of the Public Policy Cycle

  • A stage of the Anti-Corruption Cycle

  • A governance area

Each dataset was evaluated (0,1) according to the following criteria:

  • Complete Data Uploaded

  • Free

  • No request needed

  • Download in one step

  • Machine-readable

  • Up to date

  • Metadata available

Preliminary results

The results contemplate seven states, 30 variables, seven scoring criteria, five stages of the Public Policy Cycle, four stages of the Anti-Corruption Cycle, and six governance areas. The most important results from the Index are the composite scores from each state:

This tight range in composite scores does not mean that all states perform similarly across all areas. We recommend consulting the individual results of each state.

Índice Estatal de Datos Abiertos Anticorrupción.png

Preliminary results by state

Aguascalientes was the highest-performing state, with 352.5 points out of 462.

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